The Exhaust.: October 2006

Monday, October 23, 2006

Where'd all the good people go?

Gaddammit. I cant believe how the absence of a few members from a club back in highschool was enough to kill the drive that they (including me) worked hard for. Not even the iron fist of Jess was enough to keep things in order. The older members couldn't do jack shit either due to the influx of squater noobs brought about by the enforcement of a new 3rd year policy which states that they need to have a club in order to climb the damn highschool ladder.

Fuck it.

The 'Speakers & Actors Co.' used to be a group where I could enjoy myself in. A group where I can unleash my Gawd given talents for all to revel in (Yeah. I'm that good). Friends who share the same passion that freaking burns my insides out.

These guys...

Were Family...

Sadly, from what I heard that kind of bond dont exist anymore. Its been replaced with chaos, disorder... the works. And from what I heard, the advisor (Ms. Huertz) is doing little to quell this destruction of art, talent and creativity.

I actually thought the club would bloom under her command, guess I was wrong. I miss Rocky. Rocky rules.

But honestly? I hoped that some kids would fill the gaping holes that we left when we graduated. I hoped that mini-Mikes and mini-Tyrons and mini-Besa's would dominate in our place. Yet one could only hope for so much...

When I left CSA on the way to Greenbelt, I was riddled with a shitload of questions...

"How did it all go to hell?..."

"Is there anything that I can do about it?..."

"Jesus Christ, where'd all the good people go?..."


I'ma gonna to ponder if I can do anything to fix things..

Well, laterz


Thursday, October 12, 2006

Hit me. Now.

Currently listening to: Self-conclusion by 'The Spill Canvas'

I'm all out of ideas, inspiration and, most importantly, mojo. Which leads me to reminisce the old days. Oh the sad old days that I was only able to tolerate thanks to good friendship, the occasional laughtrips/adventures and the still standing hope of a tomorrow where I can be satisfied with myself.

Yeap this be ye usual complaint where all the ugly is noticed and the fretty (fucking pretty) is ignored. This is the standard pointless beat-your-self-up rant. Just another need to express your inner loser to the world.

Hey, we got all secrets as well as bad memories right? Mine just happens to be in abundance. Repression aint working either since their still haunting me, biting me in the bum when I least expect it. And I thought coming to terms with your deficiencies was going to help get you by.

Unsatisfaction has been my biggest block in my progress as a person. Its stupid I know but thats my problem that I've been letting run rampant within me for all these years.

I dunno if I'm in need of some serious self-gratification or if I just need to exert some more effort in noticing those things that keep me smiling.

Do me a favor. Please hit me. Now. Wake me up with some friendly fire. Help me breath easy by killing this desire to die.

Whatever, I'm done for now... no thanks to the final exam which I need to take tomorrow. xD

Before I go forth to begin my cram session... I'd just like to express my gratitude to all my real buddies out there.

Tyron, you fcukard. Las, you bastard. Jun, you bum. Wanten. Family. Doggies.
E-hugs all around. Spread the fuzzy wuzzy. Save yourself from my fate.

So I shall now bid this day g'night.


Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Defying the laws of the chain letter.

Right. I've decided to defy the laws of the chain letter. Their laws being that if I fail to distrubute the message to a set number of people a stated effect will take place.

The letter that I've decided to defy is something I got from 2 classmates namely Kyro and Erick.

The letter goes as follows:

"4ward from 09273032786 isang magsy0ta ang pinatay n0ong febuary 15, 1986 n dpat ika2sal n. Pero cla ay binaril. Pagkatp0s clang ptyin ang sbi ng killer"salvame salvame salvation dñ tand0 prinsepe"isang itim n dsal. S mga nkbsa ni2 maki2ta nila ang magsy0ta ng alas 3 ng mdling araw,mgktbi,duguan at nklutang.Mki2ta nila i2 s kisame. nangyari n i2 kay EFREN CAYANAN ng Blagtas,Bulacan dhil di nya npsa s 12 ta0.Sorry kailangan q lng ipsa s u"

Whew... and there you have it. Pretty long for a text msg eh? Anyway...

It states that if I am unable to pass this msg. to 12 people then a couple that has been shot by some psychotic killer who stip out some random shit to from a "dark prayer" will appear at exactly 3am in the morning hovering over my ceiling.

Note that some man named EFREN CAYANAN who was said to have witnessed the event take place was included to furthur scare the shit out of those moronic enough to dig in to it.

Finally, this proves that Kyro and Erick are both assholes because of the last sentence in the chain letter which is: "Sorry kailangan q lng ipsa s u". In english it would say: "Sorry, I just needed to pass it to you"

Needed? Pfft, Dumbfucks. Not only did they waste a shitload of money on passing those chain letters but they did it so they could spare themselves the horror of watching two dead, married lovers float overhead at 3am ONLY to pass the burden to other idiots who will continue the chain till someone like me decides to brandish the finger ,.I., and stop this idiotic show of superstition.

ITS ALSO AT 3 FUCKING AM! The time where R.E.M. (rapid eye movement) usually takes place sending you off to dreamland. And if you weren't dreaming then I doubt that couple would bother you anyway!!!

Sigh... no offense to the guys I mentioned btw. =D

In order to defy the chain letter I shall need to be awake at precisely 3am. If I fail to witness the couples all bloody and floating then this shall prove that its all bullshit and I know 2 silly people who believe in them ^o^

I have already set the alarm clock on my cellphone to 2am to make sure I am awake by 3am for the show.

Well, I shall be off then ;)


Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Yes. Finally, my connection to the world has been restored. Silly me, all it took was a phone call to PLDT yet I instead procratinated for 3 whole weeks before I bothered dialing. Sigh.

Anyway, finals is up and its not looking good. Seriously I am in some deep shit right now. But I know I'ma somehow pull through... cuz thats the kind of guy I am. Resourceful. Yes I was able to acquire that trait from Teatro. Wish me luck anyway for the hell of it.

These past few days have been bizzare so to speak. Its been R.E.M. maddness! @_@; No its not the band. R.E.M. stands for "Rapid Eye Movement" which is a phenomena that occurs when you are "dreaming". 3 straight nights of interrupted sleep thanks to all them images that kept playing in mine cranium. They were interesting though... but I need some decent shut eye so I really hope they stop interrupting me.

Ever since my connection to the net was severed due to my insolent router, I felt my bond with several people have diminished T_T;;

Too all you peepz... Teej, Las, Rose, Iz wiz... everyone else... amishyou... <3

Sniff, yeah. Thats all for now.